A Brief History of Ice Cream

Undoubtedly, any of our trips will never complete without having ice cream. Especially, if the trip is to a beach, ice cream is the food that completes it.

We take ice cream and enjoy it but hardly know the history behind this. Certainly, it is a matter of a long time when the inventors invented this amazing dessert.

Probably, it was an ancient period when ice cream was launched and has been one of the most desirable deserts around the world since starting.

History says it was 618-697AD when the Chinese people start eating ice for the first time.

King Tang has 94 people who used to prepare a dessert with milk and flour. They used to consume another dessert with rice mixture and milk and packed into the snow.

These were the ancient version of ice cream. The food that makes our parties, tours, and lonely times enjoyable, we should know about its history.

Ice cream deserves our attention. So, let’s check out the history of this life savior desert.

Ancient History

A long time ago, some legends from ancient China launched ice cream as a dessert. Generally, uncivilized Chinese people used to have ice cream as a portion of food after their heavy meal.

Afterward, ice cream started being very popular among a large number of people.

However, the version of ice-cream the people launched for the very first time was not exactly like the ice cream that we see these days.

The ancient ice cream was almost like snowballs and the kings used to have it using various kinds of fruits on the top of it. There were no dairy products used to make ice cream in those ancient days.

Many people think that Vanilla was the first flavor since this is the most popular flavor.

But the truth is different. The kings used to have nuts, honey, and fruits as toppings and therefore, these were the first flavors.

It was a food that only Royal people could afford. Everyone couldn’t have slaves that they can send to bring snow from the mountains.

The Starting Era Of Ice Cream

There is no clear evidence that how and who invented dairy flavored ice cream for the first time.

However, probably it was discovered early in 1600. The chef who cooked or made ice cream as a dairy dessert for the first time was forced to keep the recipe a secret.

It is said that the Charles-I of England threatened the chef so that he doesn’t share the recipe with anyone.

However, in 1649, the recipe was disclosed and people got an amazing dessert to enjoy. They used to call it Crème ice.

Approximately, in the early 18th century the people around the Atlantic got to know about the desert named ice cream.

However, all People of all classes still couldn’t effort this desert. It required too much effort that kept ice cream away from poor people.

They used to manage this for rich people.

Ice Cream Became Well Known

There were some French cookbooks available in the year 1700. Different recipes were available in those cookbooks.

Consequently, the people of the United States also got to know about ice cream later on.

History says that George Washington offered approximately $200 to Thomas Jefferson Just for a particular recipe of vanilla ice cream.

But ice cream was still not that well known to people and was limitedly popular. The effort it required was not a cup of tea for everyone.

Therefore, many people didn’t even know about this. Maybe that is because it required too much effort to make just two bowls of ice cream.

It required approximately 40 minutes to shake one bowl and prepare it. In the meantime, another bowl had to be stirred till the two bowls of ice cream were prepared.

Can you imagine? Hah!

The Woman Who Made It Easier

There was a lady named Nancy Johnson in 1847 who invented an ice cream maker for the first time. She made a maker that was able to make ice cream in a short period and quite easily.

Household picnics, parties got a new dessert after this invention. She also got a patent for her invention. She sold that maker to William Young by approximately $200.

However, William maintained well courtesy and named that ice cream maker ‘Johnson patent ice cream freezer’.

This ice cream maker made the process of making ice cream a lot easier and took this dessert to the next level in the market.

Increasing The Production Of Ice Cream

The machine that Nancy Johnson made was good for household purposes. But nobody could think about taking ice cream making as a profession with that maker.

Then Jacob fuel came up with another amazing idea in 1851. He was a milk dealer and came up to bring out an idea to sell the cream of his milk.

He brought an idea of turning the cream into ice cream and by selling them he used to get double price than milk.

Then he started his own ice house and managed to establish a bigger version of the Johnson maker.

Eventually, his industry started growing and he managed to establish his ice cream plants in big cities like Washington, Boston, and New York.

However, Ice cream was not highly popular until the refrigerator system came out as one of the biggest revolutions in Civilization. It happened in the 20th century later on.

Who Was The Real Inventor Of Cone Ice Cream?

Are you a cone ice cream lover? If yes, then you should know who the true inventor of the ice cream was. Many people claim to be the inventor of cone ice cream.

Among them, Louisiana is considered to be true. Louise said that once he shared his pastry to one of his neighbors and the neighbor was not having paper dishes to serve on that day.

So he couldn’t serve ice cream in those dishes and had to adjust with some waffles. That waffle and ice cream combo came out as the popular cone ice cream later on.

On the other hand, there was another vendor whose name is Abe Doumer.

He used to sell waffles at night and there were more than 50 ice cream vendors who used to combine waffles and ice cream including him.

They used to sell it in the market and it became the way to bring popularity for cone Ice Cream worldwide after that.

The Contribution Of Italo Maricony

Italo Maricony was the person who used to sell cones from his pushcarts. He also claims that he invented cone ice creams in 1896.

He named it “Penny licks” as he used to serve the ice cream in a glass and people eat it by licking with a penny. The business was going well.

However, he started facing a problem after a certain time. He was losing money as people used to break the glasses that he served ice cream in.

Some people even started taking away the cups after eating ice cream. Thus matrimony was losing money and it made him rethink the business.

That problem led him to prepare a permanent container to serve ice cream. Hence he made cups that look like glasses with waffles.

He started serving ice cream in those waffle cups which is edible. Then he hit the market in 1896 with his genius idea of making cones that looked like his serving cups.

However, Hamwi was the person behind the shape of the cone that we know today.

It didn’t look like this earlier. He played the role behind giving the cone the perfect shape.

He was a sailor and the shape of the cone was made through an instrument that comes from the sailor’s tool.

Hamwi’s Own Company

Although Charles Babbage invented the computer we consider Bill Gates as a huge contributor to computer technology.

Exactly, in the same way, Hamwie is considered to do the same in the case of ice cream.

Italo Maricony firstly invented the shape of the cone and it was the replacement of the package of ice cream. But hamwi thought about improving the shape and giving it a new look.

It was quite easy for him as he was a sailor and the shape of the waffle came from an instrument that he used to use in his ship. Therefore, he could easily implement the idea.

In short, he improved it and made a signature shape. So, particularly saying, Italo was the inventor and Hamwi was the one who took it to the next level.

The shape that we see in a cone today is all because of Hamwi.


Moreover, there is no end to the research. Therefore more information may come out if we keep researching.

This is clear that people from the very early age of civilization to till now in love with ice cream.

Many people claim to be one of the contributors to the history of ice cream. Ice cream lovers probably love to know more and more about its history and revolutions.




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