About me

My love for finding, creating and enjoying new recipes started about a year after I married my husband and best friend, Jake.

In our first year of marriage I think we had spaghetti, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches and maybe an occasional chocolate chip cookie more than anyone should in a years time. But that was all I knew how to make, so that’s what we ate.

I finally got tired enough of making and eating the same few things over and over again that I decided to start trying some new recipes. I discovered that I love it. I love finding a new recipe that I have never tried before and testing it out in my kitchen.

I love it when I find a great new creation I can share with my family. And on occasion if it doesn’t turn out so great well I guess it still beats eating the same thing as last night again. Well, a few years, two little boys and a baby girl later the kitchen has truly become the center of activity in our home.

Whether its cooking and baking together or an occasional craft or kids project we love spending time together in the kitchen. I hope you can find something here to create in the hub of your home and share with the ones you love.

Thanks for visiting The Hub of our Home. Hope to see you back here often.