Best Blender Food Processor Combo 2023

If you want a blender that has both blending plus food-processing qualities then this one is the thing for you. It takes just a little place in your kitchen to store it and costs a little more than other blenders.

But it’s worth buying because the capabilities it serves are endless. For instance, making smoothies, fries, juices, salads, etc are just as easy as that. We’re going to review some of the high-quality combos of blender food processors below.

It will help you to make wise decisions while buying one. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide that will help you while selecting your home appliances.

Top 5 Best Blender Food Processor Combo

1. Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar

[img_products img_code=”810Fz0Z0J2L” alt=”Oster-24-Ounce-Smoothie-Processor” code=”B017TZ9SME” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

This is a great blender on the list and also a food processor, in our view. The most amazing part of this blender is it will come in your budget. It has the power of 1200 watt and can be used interchangeably as a blender plus a food processor.

It has a 3.5-inch blade which is 50% bigger than its older models that let blending forward along with reverse for faster results. The glass jar, smoothie cup, and the processor attachments are the amazing additions to it.

If you always want to make fresh foods using just one device, this unit is the right way to set off. It is designed with 7 speeds for kinds of foods. There are 3 settings with pre-programmed for smoothies, milkshakes, salsas, and beating options for chopping and grinding.

There was a problem with the cup of smoothie earlier. But it was redesigned in 2018 as the consumers had some issues with it. Therefore, it’s not an issue anymore. Also, you should know this smoothie kit incompatible with its previous models.

Regardless of the issue of the cup, this device is worth its status of an all-rounder, but you should be conscious of its history while going to buy it. The user’s manual completed recipes, safety tips, and recommendations for food processing.

You can get a 3-year long warranty from its manufacturer and a long 10-year long warranty on all metal coupling. Overall the Oster Pro 1200 is a decent looking and versatile machine with brushed nickel. Check out the Quick Start Guide to see how it works.


  • Versatile products
  • Larger blender blade
  • Glass-made blender jar
  • Powerful 1200 watts


  • The power system can be quite loud

2. Ninja’s Mega Kitchen System BL770

[img_products img_code=”71YeJuwhXrL” alt=”Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770″ code=”B00939I7EK” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

Another best and powerful unit that comes with some amazing features for your whole family is the BL770 from Ninja. This is a domestic diva, let’s get it on. This machine comes with excellent power that has 2-HP that all the drink and food needs.

You will hardly find such a unit with more power than this one. Having the power of 1500 watts, it stands alone to its name for being durable. All the parts of this machine have made with the type of plastic that’s free of BPA-free.

Though the powerful motor makes it a little loud, some features have made it enjoyable to use. There are suction cups at the base and the jug has a lid with lock for safety. The 3 loaded blades are so useful that it allows you to not stop while stirring the stuff.

The blades are very sharp to make snow from ice and they will make your smoothies super-smooth. You can easily clean this ninja just by gliding out its blades. But, you have to be very careful of its sharper blades.

On another note, you won’t find a gap in its lid for adding fluid as the guidebook says it can do!

So while making a salad, you should go for it another model like the CT672V from the Ninja. We would suggest you be familiar with a 1-year long warranty that says all the repairs and replacements has done at the discretion of SharkNinja. Several customers have been deceived by this and should to pay for the replacements in the period of warranty.


  • Strong motor
  • Simple to clean
  • Comes with suction cups
  • Lids for safety lock


  • No opening in the lid

3. Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio BFP-650

[img_products img_code=”71w6FdfaWkL” alt=”Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio BFP-650 Blender” code=”B017US77P0″ reviews=”View on Amazon”]

A popular and trusted kitchen appliance that comes from Cuisinart and that is the BFP650 with the features of blender cum food processor. The BFP703 and the BFP650 are two very popular items available now out there.

But to pick up the best from the list, we have chosen this one for its general value. You can simply make all types of tasty foods including smoothies and high and low pulses with the functions with pre-programmed. Because of the reversible shredding disc, preparing a meal is simple.

We would like to let you know that some customers have issues with the cup lids due to sticking. It’s also hard to remove if you’re in a lack of strength in the hands. This might be a fair review if we didn’t mention the recent problems with this item.

Although most of the customers are happy using the blender plus food processors from Cuisinart but also have some complaints about it. For instance, the quality is not good and the parts are getting out very soon.

You can consider the user’s manual that contains some recipes which are helpful for beginners. If you are making a small amount of food, this unit will surely do its task.


  • Pre-installed functions
  • Comes with the reversible shredding disc
  • BPA-Free plastic
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Travel cups lids stuck

4. BCP All-in-One Processor

[img_products img_code=”81vfzBHBh-L” alt=”BCP All-in-One Processor ” code=”B07SYZ6VCB” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

Are you looking for an all-rounder appliance? If yes, then we will mention this product as the best one. It has equipped with 1 power base that made of stainless steel and 3 tops. They’re a blender along with a processor along with a grinder. Besides, it brings 10 types of accessories that make you a pro in your kitchen.

Preparing meals is so easy for you now because this is a great food processor that has more than 30 functions. It will help you to prepare blend smoothies, fresh juice, shakes, grate vegetables, slice, shred, and more. Food preparation is customizable and convenient because it comes with a flexible speed setting along with a pulse option.

It keeps the kitchen clean by preventing spills with the security locking and suction feet non-slip feature. All the parts of it are dishwasher safe and simple to clean. The plastic that has made of food-grade materials but it’s uncertain if it’s free of BPA or not.

You will love the color or the jugs while the smaller grinder jar that lets you whiz up coffee beans quickly without drying the rest. There are a useful assessing cup and a good-sized processor bowl of 5 cups. All these you get at an excellent sensible price.

Dips and party salsas are no matter for this amazing unit. This is an all-in-one combo for your kitchen and you can buy it without thinking twice.


  • 10 Attachments
  • Large 5-cup Processor bowl
  • Comes in budget
  • Safety locking system


  • “Food-grade” plastic

5. Hamilton’s Beach Wave Crusher

[img_products img_code=”71jQH8GBXCL” alt=”Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher ” code=”B071CH3TLT” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

If you are looking for the best budget option then this is the thing that can help you the right away. It doesn’t come with the command of high-edge models, so it works quite decently.

It has a glass blender of 40 oz along with a bowl of 3-cup and a travel bottle of 20 oz while making a drink to serve. Both processors plus the bottle are free of BPA.

This unit carries 14 different blending functions with it and it has powered by a powerful engine of 700 watts. You can serve small along with moderate-sized food and drink plus sauces at your parties with the 5-cup glass jars. It’s all you would need to have a spout without the mess that avoids spills while pouring.

You will get an S-blade for chopping and a turn around slicing disc as a bonus with this unit. You can make all kinds of delicious foods by quickly dicing plus slicing vegetables, nuts, cheeses, and more. It is not less than a jackpot to get all these facilities at a reasonable price.

It is very easy to clean and also very comfortable to store in your kitchen as it takes a very small space. BPA-free material makes it healthy to use and that is another strong reason to buy this. So, when you’re not too fussy for your home appliances then this is undoubtedly a great option for you to choose.


  • Affordable
  • Slicing disc and S-blade & slicing included
  • Easy cleanup
  • BPA-free


  • Can be less powered

Blender Food Processor Combo: Buying Guide

There are certain things that you need to check out before you buy a blender along with the food processor combo.


If you want to get smooth blending, you will need a device that serves at least 700 watts. You need to remember that the greater the power, the smoother your blending. Therefore, keep an eye at the power while buying a device for your kitchen.

Capacity & Size

We have to admit that all of us do not have a kitchen with sufficient space. Some of us may have to manage with a tiny kitchen.

Therefore, it needs to keep in mind that the size of the device should be as per our needs. If I talk about capacity, then you should choose a range depending on what you need your unit to do.

Blades and Slicing Discs

The S-shaped blade, or Sabatier blade, is a standard blade used in food processors.  It can do most jobs like making hummus, nut butter, or pesto. If you keep your machine on the pulse, the S-blades will chop and mix.

Some models come with extra blades in the box while others you will need to buy separately.

Most basic processors usually include slicing discs that can work as grater too.

It makes sure that you can grate cheese and slice vegetables with just one disc. All the products do not have this option. So if you get one like this, it may be a bonus purchase.


The smoothie-to-go cup is the most popular attachment which makes it super easy to make your smoothie on the way out and take it with you. Some models have it and some don’t.

If you are a smoothie person then you should keep it in your must-have list. There are some other attachments that you need to buy are egg whip, julienne disc, French fry disc, and citrus juicer.


You don’t need to worry about your budget while buying a food processor. Many great models in the market will meet your budget and will be pleasant to use too.

FAQs Blender Food Processor Combo

Can I Chop Tough Vegetables & Frozen Meat Using Food Processor?

‘Yes’ is the answer. You can chop hard vegetables. But, you need to be very careful when it comes to frozen meat. It is better if you defrost your meat before putting in in the machine. Sometimes the appliance can be heated up and cause system damage.

Should I Change My Machine’s Speed While Shredding?

Yes, you can reduce its speed while using the soft ingredients. But in the case of harder ingredients, you can make its speed increase.

Should I Use The Attachment For Rubbing Dough?

Some processors bring different accessories for rubbing the dough. It’s good to use that. But, you should use the attachment for adding cake dough.

Can I Squash Ice In My Jug Blender?

Yes, you have the opportunity to do it. It’s simple to squash ice in it. Put the ice cubes inside the blender when the motor is switched off. Then change the lid along with switch the motor on.


There are so many blenders in many stores. This article shows 5 best units that you can find in the market right now. The qualities we brought here to come up with 5 best food processor blenders are mainly their ability to perform different tasks in your kitchen.

Despite having some issues with these food processing blenders, these are the topmost products with advanced features. People use these products and like them too.

You should always be aware of what you need in a blender. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be in a better place while deciding on buying a blender.


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