5 Best Cake Turntables 2021

It’s a great issue when you prepare a cake but can’t get its back to decorate without going up over the counter. Or, you probably have tried to pull the table to bring in the middle of your room just because you need to walk around it.

But, the best solution is to invest a bit for a cake turntable. It’s a rotating platform that helps you to make the cake move around while you remain unturned. Also, it makes your decorating tasks like icing and other things without doing the gymnastics that you were doing previously.

So, if you like to decorate your cake without a hassle, there is no better way to use the best cake turntable. This is why we’re with the top five of them with a buying guide and some FAQs.

Top 5 Best Cake Turntables

1. Cake Boss Cake Decorating Turntable

This is a retro-shaped design decorating turntable that comes from the Cake Boss production house. Its fun red plus white color design will remind you of the kitchen of the 1950s. The table has made of light plastic with a locking button feature that holds it firmly.

As a result, it goes round in all directions. Coming with feet that have made with a rubber grip helps you to keep the turntable stable on the decorating table or the counter. Because of having ball bearings, it reduces possible noise that doesn’t require oil to get its smoother turn.

A rubber made a ring of its platform helps it to remain unmoved even while smoothing frosting. This is because the turntable makes things easier when it comes to decorating a cake. It’s a hand washable turntable that’s standard. But, ensure what you’re doing with it while washing.

This is true that people don’t like to feel the toughness of plastic, but it has reduced the table from being heavy. It’s because you’ll use the turntable to decorate cakes and you need to move out from the tabletop frequently after you finish the work.

If you choose the heavier one, it’ll make things a bit tougher due to its extra weight. Also, don’t forget another thing that while using a board under the cake, its material should not stick on the turntable’s top.

Moreover, you also should be cautious during manipulating the board because it may fall over the entire platform. When it comes to your budget for a turntable, this one is available in your budget. And again, this is a fun and nice display stand that’s very handy for beautifying a cake.


  • Great display design
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • No noise


  • Plastic material

2. Kootek Cake Stand Aluminum Alloy, Revolving

This is the next one in the list and highly durable because it has made of aluminum alloy. Apart from being durable, the turntable will make you satisfied with its pleasant stability. With this turntable, you’ll also get some more tools to decorate your cake.

These include a comb made of stainless steel, and icing smoother, some different shape and size spatula, and some tools for different icing patterns. The turntable will give you a feeling of stability with its rubber feet and the non-slip type of surface.

That means you’re free of the stress that the table will slide out to you from its underneath. It’s not just a little noise-making table; it’s also able to rotate in all directions without making any issue.

As it’s said already it comes with some basic tools for decorating a cake, which is why it’s the right choice for the beginners. It lets you add some creative ideas while doing the icing jobs.

However, the turntable is somewhat a bit heavier. This is why it’s not ideal if you like to use this one as an alternative to the display stand. Also, it’s a bit tricky for decorating jobs because it doesn’t come with a locking mechanism that holds your cake in the right place.

Because of its aluminum material, it’s comparatively expensive. But, it’s not much if you consider the features and usability. Besides, it’s a great option for you when you already own a lovely cake stand.

And the best thing about this one is that it’s most appropriate for the people who are going to start making the cake and its decoration.


  • Durable
  • Nice to feel
  • Some icing tools are included
  • Made of aluminum alloy


  • Lack of locking mechanism

3. Wilton’s Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Decorating Turntable

Although the turntable made of plastic, it comes with the type of base that keeps balance with the weight. It allows you to turn all-around along with the feature of locking. So, you can keep the turning stopped at any position wherever you need.

Also, you can adjust its platform into various angled positions. You’ll get it with the rubber made grips on its feet that prevent the platform from getting things falling around. Indeed, this is an upgraded turntable that has overcome its issues experienced previously.

As a result, when you need to do some complex tasks, it’ll help you to make things easier with its pleasant to the position of the turntable. The diameter of the platform is 12 inches that hold cake boards along with plates that are larger than its regular size.

This is also suitable for any handed type of people. That means you’re all set to get your decorating tasks done regardless of being a decorator of right or left-handed. As it’s said previously that it’s an upgrade from its standard turning turntable, which is a good selection to make the display more attractive.

But, the track of bearing may wear out easily that affect the glide while turning. This is why it makes the table a bit noisier. Despite not being a professional grade turntable, it’s affordable stuff while practicing the new skills.

Not just for the beginners, the turntable and its accessories are suitable for the intermediate level’s cake decorator to put some complex and creative tasks.


  • Affordable
  • Functional
  • Different positions’ locking
  • Attractive design


  • Not much durable

4. Ateco Revolving Cake Decorating Stand 612

It’s a cake turntable with the professional-level features that work great and smoothly. The base of the turntable made of the cast iron and the platform made with aluminum.

As a result, it remains stable on your tabletop. Moreover, these build quality not just has made it durable, it’s also attractive and has upgraded plus suitable for the tools of cake decoration.

As you know it has made with the cast iron, it feels much strong. If you choose this one, you’re free of getting stresses because its base doesn’t slide around. Even it remains stable when you’re working with complex icings.

Also, it can overcome the issue like rusting with uneven drop downing due to its nice finish of the powder coating. Besides, the cake stays stuck with its patterned top due to the aluminum-made platform.

Apart from this, you’re also out of the worry that it’ll knock accidentally your cake off its platform while working. However, this stuff doesn’t come with a mechanism for the locking feature.

This is why you need to hold its platform in the right place while doing some design works. Another drawback of the turntable is that you can’t use it as an alternative to the display stand. So, you should have the turning ability of the cake during displaying.

Also, it’s a single piece that’s a bit inconvenient to clean. That means you should not leave anything wet after icing on its platform. Above all, you can use it with a great balance and stays wherever you set it.


  • Coated by powder
  • Durable
  • Professional-type tool
  • Doesn’t slip away


  • Not included locking mechanism

5. Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies Set

If you’re experiencing difficulties to make an easier frosting or icing on the cakes you’re making, Wilton comes with the solution of the issues. The manufacturer offers the supply sets for cake decorating that make your any of the cake decorating tasks simpler.

This stuff can hold your cake very firmly that sets you free to be worried about its falling, sliding, and being ruined. You’ll get it with the non-slip feature of the feet that prevent it from moving.

This way it allows you to accomplish your tasks having no stress regarding holding firmly the turntable constantly. Also, more support of stability comes from its base as its weight balanced feature.

This is because it prevents unnecessary tilting. Apart from this, the unit has a seamless and smooth rotating mechanism. With this option, you can use if very safe even if you’re a beginner. Besides, it’s easy to remove a cake from the top of the spinner.

As a result, it’s effortless to wash out the top of the platform and you don’t need to wash its entire parts each time. It lets you clean the top separately. Different angles help you to decorate the cake easily and quickly.


  • Base with weight-balanced
    Non-slip feet & surface
    Removable top
  • Turns smoothly


  • Not enough durable

Buying Guide

Before you finalize the purchase of a turntable, it’s very essential to ensure some specific things with it.

This is why we’re going to highlight some tips as a buying guide that will help you to find the right piece of unit you’re looking for.

Height Of The Turntable

You should choose the turntable that comes with the right height. It’ll help you to minimize your shoulders and back strain significantly. If you use it on the table or a countertop, consider the height you need to accommodate well with the base.

Also, you’ll have to choose the right height if you have the plan to use it as an alternative to the display stand. To all and too short both are problematic to accomplish your cake’s design works.

Materials That Made It

If you’re a beginner, plastic is much suitable for you. It’s because it makes the whole thing lightweight and very affordable in price. Also, you can clean up plastic easily and it doesn’t rust.

Some of them come with a removable platform that allows you to put it to your dishwasher to wash out. But, plastic also has some drawbacks and the foremost one is it’s not durable. Because of its lightweight, it may slips down

Adjustments & Locking Mechanisms

If you have a turntable with locking mechanisms, they help the unit unmoved when you don’t need to turn it. This is an expected feature when you should work on some complex design or need to display the cake straight on the same turntable later on.

Despite their extra expense, they’re very useful. But, if you’re going to buy it for the basic decoration, you can avoid it.


The bottom and the platform of the turntable should come with some type of rubber made grip. It’ll help you to avoid sliding of the cake from the top of the table.

This is a must-have feature if you want to use a board on the platform under the cake. So, it’ll keep the board unmoved due to rubber grip.

FAQs Of The Best Cake Turntable

Why Should I Use A Turntable For My Cake?

No matter you’re an amateur, professional baker, or decorator; you must use a turntable to decorate a cake smoothly. When it comes to building and decorating cakes, this is a very useful tool.

While using this one, you’re all set to reach all sides of the cake to decorate evenly having not a hitch.

What Are Spinning Cake Stands Made With?

Spinning stands of a cake turntable may make with different materials. These include plastic, wood, or sometimes metals like aluminum, cast iron, and even stainless steel.

Usually, its ball bearings are made of stainless steel to keep it rotating in normal state.

Which One Is The Best As A Cake Turntable For Decorating Cakes?

When you search for the top quality model, you should consider some factors. For example, you must choose one that’s noiseless, turns smoothly, and comes with adjustments & locking mechanisms.

How Long My Cake Turntable Can Last?

It depends on its made material. For example, metal made one may last for many years to a decade. But, the plastic made one may work for some fewer years than that.


It doesn’t worth mention that using cake turntables is a great way of decorating your cakes to make it much easier. They’ll also help you to avoid climbing on your counter and displacing your elbow.

Icing and other decoration tasks go smoother without facing any issue that you usually experience. Also, it doesn’t need to break your bank to buy one of them as they’re not very expensive.

Keep up Happy Decorating!


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