Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100 – 2021 Update

It can be a little difficult for you to buy new knives for your kitchen as there are so many options in the market. So how will you know that you bought the best thing?

Here is a fact that the best of anything doesn’t exist, because the definition of “the best” varies from one to another. But everyone will find something for them.

Well, to buy a proper knife set by less than 100 dollars, we checked out some of the best sites online like Williams Sonoma.

Then we picked 5 of the best options of knives based on versatility and special features. Here we are presenting the 5 best kinds of knives that you will find in the market. (For UK market, here the list of the best kitchen knife)

Top 5 Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

1. Chicago Cutlery Fusion High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

Coming with stainless steel make high carbonized 12-piece knife set, the Chicago Cutlery presents one of the best products. If you buy this set, you’ll get 3.25-inch parer, 5-inch utility, 7.75-inch bread, and 7.5-inch Chef Knives.

Also, it comes with an 8-inch slicer, 6 to 4.50-inch Steak knives, and a woodblock that’s caramel-stained. The knives stay a sharper a long time because they kept their sharpness while testing.

There are different sizes of this knife measuring in different niches. That’s why everyone has an option for them to choose. The set will be a versatile purchase for every kitchen.

Moreover, it is a durable knife that is made of high-carbon steel that comes in so many layers and high in carbon. This knife set also prevents the blade so that they don’t rub and play a central role in keeping the edge sharp.

No matter what your skill level is, you will still like what this knife offers you. These all knives are masterpieces to cut fish and meat. This is where they work at its best despite having an odd shape.

However, it doesn’t perform very well while chopping things. The packaging is so nice of this knife that you will feel like an occasion when you open it.

When you will see the beautiful blade, you will feel that it has a classy build quality. You will hardly see any kind of flaws and roughness in the product.


  • The blades are made of stainless steel
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It keeps its sharpness
  • A smooth handle


  • It can be heavy

2. Cuisinart C77SS-15PK Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

Cuisinart introduces a classic 15-piece stainless steel block set where there are different sizes of knives. These include an 8-inch Chef Knife, 8-inch Slicing Knife, 7-inch Santoku Knife, and 5.5-inch Utility Knife, 3.5″ Paring Knife.

Also, you’ll get a 3.5inch Paring Knife and an 8-inch Sharpening Steel knife. Moreover, the pack has equipped with am All-Purpose domestic Shears along with a block that can hold of the knives.

You’ll get highly carbonized stainless steel that provides you great accuracy and procession. This knife set is not just strong and durable, it also supports for perfect control and stability.

It’s a set of lightweight knives that are slice, chop, and carve. The edge helps the food to not stick in the blade and also lets you cut without rubbing.

The set has everything that you would expect from a knife. It has a fixed handle that makes you comfortable with it and makes sure that you have control over it.

They have a stand at the back that performs as an opposite balance when you use the knife. There is a stand that adds effective control over the blade.

It has a unique forward stand as well that is designed so that you can sharpen the full blade. The stands give you the ability to have great control when you hold the knife. These knives will all the best materials.

However, it has to be sure that the blades are intensive. Its intensity helps the edge to stick to the knife for long and you can use it without sending away for maintenance.


  • Strong & durable
  • Superior high carbon
  • Lightweight
  • Dishwasher Safe


  • The blades are short

3. Ginsu Essential Series 14-Piece Stainless Steel Serrated Knife Set

These are some unique types of knives come with the exceptional feature that don’t need to sharpen any more time. As a result, you’ll get a knife set that’s free of maintenance at an affordable cost.

Each piece of the knife set has made with the design of Scalloped Serration. This is why it offers you powerful cutting jobs.

So, you’ll not find any issue regarding knife set whenever and whatever you want to cut according to your needs. It means that you’re all set to delicious dishes of meat or vegetables.

The knives of the set have designed ergonomically that ensure safe and comfortable cutting experience. With this useful knife set, you’ll get 8-Inch Carving & Slicing, 8-Inch Chef, and 7-Inch Santoku knives.

Also, it has equipped with 5-Inch Boning, 4.5-Inch Utility, and 4.5-Inch Steak of 6 pieces knives. The knives have a balanced weight because of their handles.

They’ll help you to cut fish, meat and to chop vegetables too. For these stunning features, these knives are the king of the market when it was launched in the market. This is undoubtedly safe to use.

The handles of the knives are the most wanted feature. They fit so well in your hand that there is no chance to slip off. The cooks who have small hands will find them comfortable to use and easy to wash.

There is a guide that tells you how to sharpen the blades on a grindstone properly. You should wash these knives using your hands to avoid harms for edges.

They will not break as they hold a warranty for a lifetime.


  • Affordable in cost
  • Powerful cutting edge
  • The handle doesn’t slip
  • The balance is very well


  • The handles are not much comfortable

4. Enjoy Knife Set, 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Block Wooden

Enjoy comes with the knife set that includes different sized knives. All of them are as sharp as rust-resistant and simple to maintain. Also, they’re not tough to re-sharpen.

Coming with beautiful handles that are made of Pakkawood have industrial strength. The set comes with a forged bolster that ensures the balance of steel and the knives along with heft.

You’ll get completely exposed tang that indicates the set has made from just one large piece of steel. While using the knives, you’ll get the right blend of practicality and design that makes sure the highest durability and tolerance of stress.

Enjoy is a brand that meets all kinds of demand of buyers, be it professional or not. It fastidiously crafts kitchen knives and proudly produces with its excellences.

They make the knives with high-carbon stainless steel. They use high-quality steel that is stunning and beautiful yet comfortable to make the strong wooden handles.

Chefs, culinary professionals, food organizers, and normal people get all kinds of knives from this brand. This knife set is ideal for various purposes. It cuts, chops, slices, and dices like an expert.

Also, it takes out meat from bones and crumbles garlic. The handle boosts the fame of this knife as it is very comfortable and doesn’t slip easily.

Also, you can use these knives in tough takes because they are very strong. They will maintain its toughness in the long run.


  • Timeless & classy look
  • Professional quality
  • All-in-one complete set
  • Easy care


  • Sharpness gets dull soon

5. AmazonBasics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Finally, we have another high-quality and high-carbonized knife set that comes with stainless steel made blades. Apart from being made with durable steel, the knives have edges of razor-sharp that help promote consistent cutting precise and accurate results.

Every piece of the set was packed with a triple-riveted POM handle and ergonomically designed. Also, all of the knives have as enhanced control as a comfortable grip.

Because of this triple-riveted feature, the knives are constructed strongly with their attached handle along with the stainless-steel trace. The set has a total of 14 pieces of knives with different sizes and for different purposes.

All the chefs that take their work sincerely will definitely like this knife set. This product works without making tired of you whether it’s a professional restaurant or a simple kitchen.

The knife series is always effective and dependable and will complement your cooking. This knife will slice super-smoothly and doesn’t even need much of your effort.

It doesn’t require cleaning up a lot and it is also not high maintenance. The knives have the extra effective and mesmerizing handle that makes the knife set exactly what you want.

They bring you maximum comfort and minimum injury. It’s very light in weight but works perfectly for heavy cuts. They are like a rust-free workhorse that comes with the best offerings for professional chefs.

You might be worried about its ability to meet your expectations. Let me tell you that it depends on the people that you are getting the review from.


  • Comfortable handle
  • High-quality knives
  • Good-quality steel handle
  • Smooth slicing and dicing


  • The handle seems weak

Buying Guide: Kitchen Knife To Use For Different Purposes

Style Of Storage

This is very normal to have a bunch of knives in the kitchen. But those knives have to be taken care of properly to use them for a long time.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to manage storage for the knives in your kitchen.

But some companies bring wooden pots that reduce your stress in the case of maintaining and storing the knives.


Another important thing about knives is their weight because the balance of a knife depends on it. You have to know what kind of works you want your knives to do.

Knives with lightweight are suitable for works like chopping vegetables and other foods. However, heavy knives are good for tough cuttings and professional chefs.


A well-balanced knife is all about having a perfect balance between the blades and the handle. A knife with a good balance will help you to have flawless cuts.

You will feel too much stress on your fingers and wrist if you do not have a well-balanced knife. However, Sharpness and balance are not the same things.

Knife Hilt

The knives that you can easily clean and have nice joints are the ones you want. The hilt is the part of a knife that should be the strongest.

If you see any spot of welding in the hilt then you should not buy that. No gap should be there as it makes the knife weak and foods stuck there in the gap.

Material For The Handle

Back in the old days, people used bones to make knives. However, companies mostly use wood and steel to make handles nowadays. Wooden handles are the best as it prevents slipping off from the hand.

Material For The Blade

Usually, ceramic blades are used is knives. Because ceramic holds the sharpness and remains rust-free. However, they break very easily and very costly if good.

The knives with a good edge have steel blades. You should stay away from the knives that say you don’t need to sharpen it.

FAQs When Buying Kitchen Knives

Can We Wash The Knives In Dish-Washer?

Well, before you put your knives into the dishwasher, wait and see the recommendation of manufacturers. As the pressure of water inside the dishwasher is pretty high, so it can move the knives and hit other dishes.

It will not be nice with the edges of your knives. Therefore, it’s always better to wash your knives with hands.

What Does the “Full Tang” Mean?

This term defines a knife that is made of one material, from top to toe.

What Is The Rockwell Hardness Scale?

It tells the result of a test that your knife goes through to find out how it performs with a certain amount of pressure. If the scale shows less than 50, then it means that the knife probably will not be able to meet your expectations.

How Should I Sharpen My Knife?

Sharpening your knife once in a while is important. You can use a particular rod for doing it. It will create a whole new edge in your knife.

How Thick Should My Kitchen Knife Be?

It completely depends on your style and the way you prefer. Generally suggesting, a knife with a 3.5 mm thick blade is the best fit. It performs the best in the case of feeling of working with it.


Knives are one of the most important tools for anybody’s kitchen. You need various types of knives to cut different things to cook perfectly.

It will financially help you if you choose a full set over a single knife. It generally costs more when you spend on different knives for different purposes more than having all kinds of knives in a set.

We went through all the top trending knives and came up with the best options for you.

Hopefully, the texts above will help you to make a wise choice while buying the best set of kitchen knives. All the best!


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