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Waffles are delicious snacks that can be enjoyed by the whole family. They can be made from anything, and they range from brownie waffles, rainbow waffles, and sandwich waffles to vegan waffles.

With waffle makers, you don’t have to wait for long queues in restaurants to get your waffle. You only have to get into the kitchen and make your own homemade waffles.

That said, if you prefer thin waffles, then thin waffle makers are a great choice.

In this article, we will review some of the best thin waffle makers in the market and their buying guide.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Thin Waffle Maker

With so many thin waffle makers in the market, making your selection can be overwhelming. To help you with that, here are factors you want to consider:

1. Design

It is crucial to consider the design of the waffle machine before purchasing it.

Waffle machines are now available in different designs and colors, so it’s best to select the design that suits your kitchen’s aesthetics.

You should also consider the designs and shapes that the appliance produces.

If you want to surprise your family, go for waffle makers with intriguing shapes such as rectangle, quirky shapes, cartoon characters, etc.

Also, select the waffle makers that produce either thin, thick, or crispy waffles.

2. Versatility

When selecting the best waffler machine for your kitchen, pay attention to its versatility. While some models are only designed to make waffles, others can be used for multiple functions.

For instance,a toasted sandwich or pizzella maker can bake hot dogs, sandwiches, and hamburgers.

3. LED Indicators

LED indicators are useful for letting you know when your waffles are cooked. This feature helps you know if the machine is turned on/off, how much time is left, how much time has passed, etc.

Waffle makers with LED indicators are often reliable, allowing you to assess the time you need to prepare delicious wafflers.

While this feature is useful, you should note that most models that come with LED indicatorstend to be expensive than their counterparts.

4. Heat Control Setting

Another important thing that should help you decide on the best waffler maker is the heat control settings that help you decide the level of brownness you want your waffles to have.

This is because some people prefer to have dark brown waffles while others prefer having light brown ones. With this feature, you can easily control the heat to get your desired result.

5. Available Space

When selecting a waffle machine, consider the space you have in the house for the gadget. Some waffle machines tend to be big and require a lot of space while others don’t take up much space.

Product Reviews

The following are some of the best thin waffle makers to choose from.

Top 15 Best Thin Waffle Maker

1. Oster DuraCeramic Waffle Maker

Starting off our list of the best waffle makers is this appliance from Oyster.

This waffle machine looks professional and elegant, making it worth the investment if you are after a high-quality waffle maker.

It is made of DuraCeramic and has a non-stick coating that lasts 8 to 20 times longer compared to the ordinary one. Plus, the non-stick coating does not flake or peel easily.

This waffle maker cooks your waffles 30% faster compared to other machines with extra virgin oil makers. It is more effective in saving time and energy.

Something unique about it is that its plate is infused. This means that before using this waffler maker, you don’t need to apply oil at all.

This works well for those who don’t like greasing the pan anytime they are using it.

2. Black and Decker 3-in-1 G48TD Waffle Maker

This is among the best waffler makers in the market that come with two cooking surfaces and removable plates.

It is one of the best options if you are looking for versatile appliances since it is fitted with a waffle baker that has waffle plates, grindle, and a grill.

It can also make eggs, sausages, pancakes, sandwiches, and bacon.

Other than making delicious American waffles, this unit is also quite easy to clean. It happens to be the only waffle machine that has removable plates.

However, these plates cannot be washed with a dishwasher, and you will have to handwash them using water and soap. Otherwise, your food may start to stink.

3. All-CladClassic Round Waffle Maker (WD700162)

This waffle maker makes thin waffles that are 6.5 in diameter. It can cook about four waffles in one go.

Aside from that, it is fitted with advanced heating technology which ensures the browning of your waffles and good cooking results.

Additionally, it has a steam-release system that helps in making your waffle feel crispy and fluffy on the inside.

The cooking surface is non-stick and effortless to clean. Lastly, the LED indicator lights will let you know when your waffle is cooked.

4. DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

This is one of the best waffle makers for those who love Belgian waffles. This machine prepares four equally sized yummy waffles at once.

It has good heating elements that heat the waffles evenly without leaving any area undercooked.

This appliance also stands out because of its iron construction and non-stick plates. These features ensure that no bits of foods are left behind, making it easy to clean.

It is also made in a mess-free design that features built-in side pockets that are like overflow channels. These pockets hold any excess batter to help prevent any leaks and drips.

5. Hong Kong Egg Waffle Maker

Hong Kong waffles are among the yummiest foods to make. This waffle maker is easy to clean, has a sleek-looking design, and is user-friendly.

The waffle iron is fitted with a non-stick coating that is well-designed for your convenience.

It also features a 180-degree flip which helps to cook your waffles evenly. The waffle maker is also fitted with two indicator lights that signal power.

Compared to other waffle models, this waffle iron comes with overheating protection that stops the heating when your waffles are ready. This unique feature helps in ensuring that neither your waffles get burned nor your machine gets damaged.

6. Chef’s Choice WafflePro Waffle Maker

With this waffle maker, you don’t have to purchase boxes to make organic waffles. This waffle maker lets you make classic round and thin waffles with a heart shape.

It is made of a unique modern design, making it one of the most advanced models out there.

It is fast and easy to use, allowing you to make waffles in less than 90 seconds. Plus, the unit is fitted with a waffle read beeper and ready lights that will alert you when to start making waffles.

Unlike many waffle makers, this machine allows you to make waffles of your choice in terms of color, flavor, and texture. You only need to press a textured button to select the texture of your choice.

7. Pokémon Poke Ball Waffle Iron

If your family loves making waffles frequently, this non-Belgian waffle iron that prepares waffles that have a Pokeball shape is for you.

The waffles are usually 7-inch in diameter and are extremely attractive, especially for kids.

This unit is easy to use. All you have to do is to plug it in, add butter, and allow it to cook waffles for a maximum of 5 minutes.

With this waffler maker, you can get waffles that are tasty, golden, and warm. It is also fitted with non-stick cooking plates for effortless cleaning and clean waffle lifting.

8. Cuisinart WMR-CA thin waffle

The Cuisinart WMR-CA waffle maker is the best option for those that want an old-fashioned traditional waffler maker that only makes one waffle at a time.

However, this waffle maker cannot be used to make anything else; thus, it is cheaper compared to Decker G48TD.

However, it does have excellent features, including temperature control, weighted lid, indicator light, and a stainless steel housing.

9. CucinaPro mini Italian thin waffle maker iron

This waffle maker has four waffle plates, each with a diameter of 3.25 inches and features different designs.

This lets you make four waffles in one go. It is also fitted with a non-stick baking plate, making it easy to maintain and clean.

The heat press feature makes sure there is an equal distribution of heat so that the waffles can be brown and crispy.

Unlike most waffle makers, CucinaPro is fitted with a steam guard to ensure that your hands are not burnt when you are using it.

It is user-friendly, and you can make medium-sized waffles without much difficulty.

10. Chef Choice 854 Classic Pro-4 Square Waffle

This is one of the most expensive waffle makers compared to other thin waffle makers on our list.

However, given its temperature control, two-minute baking time, good aroma, texture, and taste of the waffles, this waffle maker is worth the price.

It is fitted with an easy non-stick release which ensures even heating, consistency, and well-heated waffle.

It is also designed with a floating hinge that ensures even baking and uniform thickness.

The built-in cord and secure latching handle make it possible for this waffle maker to be stored in an upright position. Thus, it doesn’t take a lot of space.

11. Carbon Golden Malted Gourmet Thin Waffle Baker

Waffle lovers seem to prefer Carbon Golden Gourmet since it has a thin waffle maker attached at the same position as the waffle mix.

However, it tends to be expensive compared to other waffle makers, but it gives a good value for your money.

This is partly because it is made of aluminum which makes it more durable. Better yet, this waffle maker was once featured in the Good Eats cooking show.

It comes with a ready beeper alert and seven-setting temperature control. It has a green light that signals when the unit is hot enough for you to pour the batter.

This unit is mostly preferred because it heats up quickly and cooks your waffles in just a few seconds.

12. Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Thin Waffle Iron

The Palmer Electric cookie iron is modeled to bake two crispy and thin cookies at one go. This appliance can also be used to make Dutch Stroop waffles.

Dutch cookies are waffles made from baked dough mixed with caramel syrup and are a great choice for those who prefer a delicate crisp cookie.

This appliance comes in different designs, making it affordable to any homemaker. Another unique spec is that it is made in the USA, unlike most models that are made in China.

13. All-Clad 99011GT Thin Waffle Maker

This is another model from All-Clad that is attractive, sturdy, high-quality, and can make yummy classic waffles.

It has a stainless steel body and non-stick cooking surface that evenly cooks the waffles in a short time.

The appliance can make waffles of any topping thanks to the extra-deep pockets and easy-to-cut sections.

Furthermore, it comes with seven-setting temperature control, alert signals, and indicator lights. These amazing features make the appliance an expensive waffle maker option in the market.

14. Black + Decker WMB500 Belgium Waffle Maker

This model from Black + Decker is what you need to make delicious, thin, and round Belgium style waffles.

The appliance comes with non-stick plates which are simple to clean and make it easy to slide out the waffles.

It also features ready indicator lights and an extended handle that is cool to touch. This ensures quick and easy operation even when the appliance is still hot.

Because of its space-saving design, this maker can be placed vertically to save on space.

15. Euro Cuisine WM520 Waffle Maker

This waffle maker makes five heart-shaped waffles that are delicious and have the desired browning.

It comes with non-stick ceramic coating plates that are easy to maintain and to clean. Besides, these plates are eco-friendly and free from PTFE and PFOA.

Remarkably, this appliance comes with adjustable temperature control that lets you choose between multiple heat settings.

You can adjust the temperature depending on whether you want light or dark browning. Plus, the ready indicator lights will let you know when your waffles are ready.

This waffle maker is also easy to operate and clean. The handles are also cool to the touch, and you won’t have to worry about burning your hands.

Final Verdict

With the best thin waffle maker, you can make yummy thin wafflers in the comfort of your home. The waffle makers reviewed above are easy to use and will help you make waffles without much effort.


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