How do I choose a food processor?

On the market, there are a variety of food processors with different sizes and designs. Therefore, to choose a food processor, you should understand their features. The differences between food processors are shown by features,  capacity, power consumption, and brand. In this article, we will show how to choose a food processor.

Features of the food processor

Firstly, you had better pay attention to the features of a food processor.

1. Controls

Controls of a food processor have buttons that control on, off, and pulse. The on and off button allows the power to enter and exit the machine.

The pulse button helps to increase the degree of rotation of the blender blade, when turning the pulse button, the food will be ground smaller. The manufacturer can incorporate a pulse button into the on or off button.

In addition, food processors also have a level adjustment knob, which helps you control the level of food grinding. For hard foods, you should adjust to the fast rotation level and vice versa, with soft foods, you just need to maintain the machine at slow rotation.

2. Design

A food processor usually has a bowl mounted on a rotating electric motor. When there is power, the electric motor rotates so that the blade in the bowl rotates and crushes the food. Above the bowl, there is a lid and a round plastic tube, which works to stir the food.

The lid is made of plastic, with a hole in the middle, where you can add food to the machine while the machine is grinding. The lid is made of plastic, so it will fit into the bowl to help ensure food does not fall out during your mix.

Normally, dishwashers do not have the design to wash food processors, so you should not put food processors in your dishwasher to avoid causing the food processor’s bowl to fail during washing.

Power of food processor

The size of the food processor determines the power of the motor.

You should clearly outline the purpose of buying your food processor to choose the right food processor because, with each different function, the food processor is designed with a different size.

For example, if you want to buy food processors that have additional functions such as mixing flour or hardening granules, you should buy small or medium-sized food processors. Those food processors have a capacity of about 400-700 watts.

However, if you need a food processor that operates for a long time without engine overheating. These food processors have a maximum capacity of up to 1200 watts.

You should not let the food processor work for a long time as it can cause the engine to overheat and result in engine burn. Once the engine is too hot, it even can break the bowl.


There are 2 common sizes for a food processor which are mini and full-sized. The mini-sized food processor has a small bow but still has many different functions such as grinding, mixing, and cutting food.

A small food processor is suitable for families with 2 people. The advantage of a large food processor is the longer operating time with a larger bowl, so the amount of food that it processes is also larger.

The bowl capacity is calculated in cups, which ranges between 3-20 cups relying on the size of the food processor. If you are a professional chef, you should choose the food processor that has a bowl with maximum capacity.

To ensure safety and provide a good experience, food processors must be designed with a good bowl. The bowl is usually made from hard plastic to ensure the food does not break the bowl when it hits the bowl.

Food processors should also have a wide-base bowl, which helps to grind dry foods without the need for extra liquid.


1. Blades

The blade is designed in an S-shape with 2 opposite sides and is placed in two positions above and below. With the S-shaped design, blades will rotate and shred entire food in a bowl easily.

2. Attachments & accessories

A food processor has many functions, so in addition to a set of blades, there are also several attachments and accessories. These tools perform various functions such as mixing flour, grinding grain, softening cheese, juicing or baking, etc.

The discs are used to cut or shred food quickly with great precision. Dough blades have flat blades for easy kneading.

Egg whip has two flat-rolled handles on either side that help you beat liquids such as whipping cream, meringues, mousses, and soufflés. Besides, you can use a juicer to squeeze the fruits.

Brand & Warranty

We recommend some brands that produce and sell good food processors including Philips, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, BOSCH, etc. The food processors of these brands have good quality and a variety of accessories.

These big brands all offer a 2 years minimum warranty on bowl and attachments of food processors and 3 years for the engine. This warranty is considered to be a commitment to product quality.

Therefore, you should choose the brand that offers a warranty for the food processor. Ideally, you should choose a brand that provides the longest warranty.

Final words

Hopefully, you learned how to consider and choose a good food processor for your family after reading our article. Selecting a food processor can be a headache, but consider carefully to make sure it’s worth your money.


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