Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

Most pet owners are very kind people. They can share both their hearts and homes with their pets. So, there is no reason why they don’t share their favorite foods with them too. But, there are many foods such as vegetables and fruits that can wreak havoc on a dog’s body. As a result, their dog has to suffer from severe health problems. In addition, there are also some of the human foods that are good for a dog’s diet. They can even be able to provide health benefits such as better breath, joint strength, as well as allergy immunity. Now, let’s take a look at human foods that your dog can and can’t eat.

Human Foods Dogs Can Eat


You can feed your dog pieces of bread. Although it doesn’t hurt your dog, it can’t be able to provide any health benefits. It’s best to feed him homemade bread instead of one from the store. Indeed, bread bought at the grocery store typically comes with unnecessary preservatives.


Well, you can feed your dog cashews. They are ok. But, you just should use them only a few at a time. Cashews contain antioxidants, magnesium, proteins, and calcium. But, they can lead to weight gain. In addition, they can cause other fat-related conditions to your dog. So, you just should use a few cashews that are unsalted.


You can feed cheese to your dog in small to moderate quantities. This is a great choice as long as your dog can be still able to be in canines. But, there are some kinds of cheese that are high in fat. That’s why you need to look for low-fat varieties such as mozzarella or cottage cheese.


Actually, this fruit is also Ok for your dog. This funky fruit can help to strengthen the immune system because of its Lauric. This can fight off viruses. In addition, the fruit is a great choice for bad breath as well as clearing up skin conditions such as flea allergies, hot spots, or itchy skin. Moreover, coconut oil and coconut milk are also great for your dog as well.


You can allow your dog to eat eggs. Make sure the eggs have to be fully cooked. This is considered as a wonderful source of protein. Moreover, they can help a dog with an upset stomach. On the contrary, avoid feeding your dog raw egg whites. They can give him biotin deficiency. That’s why you need to cook the eggs before feeding your dog.


Your dog can eat corn. This is considered as one of the most common ingredients in the foods for dogs. But, your dog may be in the difficulty when digesting the cob. So, before feeding your dog corn, you have to remove it from the cob.


As you know, this food contains good fats as well as amino acids. They ensure to give your dog a nice health boost. It’s best to feed him salmon and sardines. They contain vitamins and protein, and extra calcium. In addition to sardines, you should choose all the tiny bones. But, it’s wrong to feed your dog under-cooked or uncooked fish. And, don’t feed him fish more than twice a week.

Peanut butter

If you are looking for an excellent source of protein for your dog, you can’t ignore peanut butter. This food offers your dog heart-healthy fats, niacin, vitamins B and E. It’s best to feed him raw and unsalted peanut butter because they are not toxic to dogs.

Human Foods Dogs Can’t Eat


Well. Your dogs shouldn’t eat almonds. They can be able to block the esophagus. Also, they can tear the windpipe of your dog. In fact, salted almonds can increase water retention. That’s why your dog is prone to heart disease after eating almonds.


Chocolate has very toxic substances that can stop your dog’s metabolic process. After eating chocolate, your dog may get diarrhea and vomiting.They can even cause death by a large amount of chocolate. So, if you see your dog eats chocolate, take him to your vet right away.


It’s best to avoid feeding your dog cinnamon though they are not actually toxic to him. They can make your dog irritate the inside of his mouth. Moreover, they can also lead to vomiting, diarrhea, decreased heart rate, as well as liver disease.Your dog also may get coughing, choking, and difficulty breathing.


Garlic is also a part of the Allium family. It can cause anemia in dogs. Also, it can make side effects as elevated heart rate, collapsing, weakness, and pale gums. So, if your dog eats some garlic, it’s best to monitor him for a few days.

Macadamia nuts

Don’t feed your dog macadamia nuts. They actually are one of the most poisonous foods for your dog. They are the cause of many problems such as increased body temperature, lethargy, inability to walk, and vomiting. In addition, your dog’s nervous system may be affected by macadamia nuts.

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